For my enjoyment ~ Sakura Edition

favourite bonnie ships:  bonnie bennett & caroline forbes
”[…] one is still less than twelve.”
"Yeah, but that one is my best friend.”


Richard x Anne || 1x06


Books I have / read :

Sunne in splendour – Sharon Kay Penman

The White Queen – Phillipa Greogary

Women of the cousins war – Phillipha Gregory

Daghter of Time – Josephine Tey

Books I have ordered:

The Kingmakers daughter – Phillipa Gregory

Richard III – Paul Murray Kendall

The last days…


The White Queen meme
↳[2/?] characters: Anne Neville


Anne Neville and Richard III: wedding night uncensored

Жаркая ночка, у них была…


the white queen meme: [2/10] characters → richard plantagenet, king of england

"Now everything I thought I knew has been shaken. Perhaps there’s no honor in anyone, and each of us is alone.”

The White Queen Meme
1 | Queen/King - Richard III 


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can i keep them here forever??